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Post  RationalBully on Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:42 pm

Hia! My name is TJ, And my IGN is RationalBully. I am currently a Mod on Svens server, we have been quite good friends for some time now. Anyways this is just letting newcomers and veterans know about me.

Basically I met sven a while back on a server i hold near and dear, we kindof became friends after i offered sven help. Sven and I kindof got to know each other a bit better i would say, Even with his massive amounts of spam he layed out. Anyways, I am a sarcastic moderator who will try his best to destroy hackers of this little down to earth server, and i will allways take into account you appeals/reasonings and I will try my best to help you the best i can (Ask sven, the reason we became friends is because how much i helped people.) Currently i am 14, i cuss like a sailor and chances are i WILL troll you, it's just who i am inside. I am a down to earth kind of guy, being brought up in hell helps me understand the problems people will feel free to let fly in the server.

Anyways, wanna know something more, just ask!


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